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10 clinical health care careers where you’ll do (almost) no paperwork

Hate dealing with documents? Disgusted by desks? In these jobs, you’ll be working with patients and handing the admin work to someone else. Lee Price, Monster contributor If you work in clinical health care, chances are working with patients is your thing, and spending hours filling out forms is not. After all, you signed up… Read More »

10 high-paying entry-level jobs

Consider these fields if you want to see financial rewards fast. Catherine Conlan, Monster Contributing Writer If you want to start making money right out of school, you have quite a few options. The data wizards at PayScale recently sorted through their database and pulled together a list of the top 10 high-paying entry-level jobs… Read More »

How to choose between two jobs!

Lee Price, Monster contributor How to choose between two jobs! Your career path has reached a fork in the road. Here’s how to decide where you should go. Here’s the kind of dilemma every job seeker would love to have: You’ve combed Monster for the perfect jobs, and got not one but two great job… Read More »

Staffing companies and not the government are the best path to first job

Although there are many reasons why government sponsored tech training fails, the one that stands out in this instance is that by the time the training for a skill becomes institutionalized, the demand for that skill inevitably disappears. In this case, the kid got trained on some Cisco routing gear. Sorry, but that sounds as… Read More »